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SmartEye is committed to safer and sustainable communities across the Nigeria. We’ll aim to achieve this through the development and delivery of advanced imaging and RFID solutions

Using our different CCTV & RFID solutions, our mission is to reduce crime and improve road safety throughout Nigeria. We do this through providing intelligent solutions to identify criminals and unsafe driver behaviour, so as to ensure a safer society for all


SmartEye was founded in 2020 with a mission to both reduce crime and to improve road safety across Nigeria. We’ll do this by providing intelligent solutions to both deter and apprehend criminals, and to drive behavioural change on our roads

By reducing crime, and the instances of unsafe driving, we’ll significantly reduce the loss of life, injuries and property loss that results from both crime and road traffic accidents

Using the latest in advanced machine learning technology, our solutions will both reduce crime and enhance road safety,  and hence provide immense social benefits. Our solutions deliver actionable and reliable enforceable real time data to both our customers, and to law enforcement officers


SmartEye was founded with a mission to utilize advanced imaging and RFID technology, and AI enabled solutions to tackle difficult societal challenges

Our major pioneering work is in reducing crime and improving road safety. By doing so we reduce the fatalities, injuries, and property loss that results from criminal activity and unsafe driver behavior

Our solutions have been designed and developed to have a positive and sustainable social impact, and is backed by a team of passionate experts striving to make communities across Nigeria safer for all

We do this by having highly competent, capable and committed resources, thus ensuring that we maintain our track record of providing results. Driven by our passion, we are committed to using our expertise to make communities across Nigeria safer

Making Nigeria Safer One Camera at a Time

Surveillance cameras in your home

By placing external CCTV cameras around your property, not only do you secure your people and your assets, you also secure your neighbourhood, and lead to safer neighbourhoods for all of us 

Surveillance cameras in your business

By placing surveillance cameras in your business, not only do you secure your people, your assets and achieve revenue assurance, you also secure the neighbourhood that your business is located in, and lead to safer neighbourhoods for all of us

Dashcams in your vehicle

By placing our dashcams in your vehicles, you not only protect your vehicles, your people, the contents of your vehicles, and closely monitor the driving behaviour of your drivers, you protect the streets that your vehicles travels on, as any criminal activity taking place on the street, or criminals travelling to and from a crime, will be captured by the dashcams, and lead to safer streets for all of us

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