With real-time incident detection and preventative

Distracted Driving

Remind drivers to focus on the road when they become distracted

How it works

You can get your Samsara system set up in minutes. Here’s how it works.

Gain visibility into critical events

Instantly review collisions, near-misses, and distracted driving events with full HD 1080p footage that is automatically uploaded to the cloud. Using a g-sensor and advanced AI, SmartEye detects critical events, alerts drivers in real-time, and sends event details to admins.


Coach drivers in real-time with preventative in-cab alerts

Improve driver behavior with a combination of in-cab voice alerts, driver rankings, and HD video-based coaching tools. The SmartEye touchscreen driver app applies elements of game design to promote safer behavior and enable rewards-based safety programs.

Protect your drivers against false claims and increase driver retention

Using video evidence to defend innocent drivers against false claims is one of the most effective ways to increase driver acceptance of dash cams. It also prevents costly legal battles and unnecessary payouts.

Install in minutes for immediate results

  • Simple mounting

  • Easy install in < 15 minutes

  • Plugs directly into SmartEye Cloud System with no complex electrical wiring or IT configuration

  • Rapid payback